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Activity Discussion Environment How was the Earth made? Reply To: How was the Earth made?

  • Shivani

    May 24, 2021 at 12:53 pm
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    More than 4,500,000,000 years past – before even the dinosaurs existed, before even the planet existed – there was area.

    And in one a part of area, there was a large assortment of stars mixed in with huge clouds of gas and dirt, that these days we tend to decision the Milky Way galaxy.

    In a little corner of that massive galaxy, in a vicinity that will later become our scheme, there was an enormous cloud of gas that had been whirling around since the massive Bang. there have been additionally some dirty remains of associate degree recent star that had exploded way back.

    The gas and dirt were floating, whirling and spinning past one another – however they were all quite way apart. however then… a close-by star exploded, in what we tend to decision a star.

    This star sent a shockwave of sunshine and energy ripple across area, pushing a number of the gas and dirt towards one another. This gas and dirt before long became a ball, that began to get larger and larger due to gravity.

    Gravity makes everything within the universe move towards everything else – and once things get very massive (like, planet-size big), they begin to drag all near things towards it.

    As the ball of gas and dirt got larger, the gas and dirt began to crush in on itself till one thing referred to as a “nuclear reaction” happened right within the middle of the ball. A activity is super powerful, and this specific one turned our Sun into a brightly shining star, throwing light-weight across the remainder of the gas and dirt that was still spinning around it.

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