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  • Ishita

    May 24, 2021 at 1:02 pm
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    Homophones and homonyms are a very important of our vocabulary. We always need to understand the homophones and homonyms when we are learning English grammar. They both are a part of vocabulary learning. We most often got confused between them. They are quite similar and different from each other. We most of the time face difficulty to identify them. So let’s learn about the homophones and homonyms.


    Homophones are a kind of words which have the same pronunciation but have a spelling and different meaning. It’s quite confusion to find the correct homophones, so always try to understand the situation of the sentence ,then it will be easy to understand.


    Cell-sell, flower- flour, knight- night, sea- see, son-sun, too- to

    Rose is beautiful follower.

    Flour is made by wheat.

    I want to buy a car.

    I cross by the station.

    My son is a doctor.

    Sun is a star.

    Magbeth is a great knight.

    I saw star and moon at night.

    The color of the Arabic sea is blue.

    I want to see the Statue of liberty.

    As you can in the sentences the both words sound the same but have different meaning.


    Homonyms is a group of words which have same pronunciation and spelling but the meaning of the words are different. It’s kinda of a similar to homophones but homophones can’t always spelt the same, but homonyms always spelt same.


    Ring (jewelry) Ring(circle),Bat(animal) Bat(playing kit), Plam (tree), plam(part of hand), Sink (drowning) Sink(a stuff for wash hand)

    You have a nice watch.

    I like to watch TV.

    You can do it!

    I have a can of Coca-Cola.

    She is always right.

    I write with my right hand.

    BTS is a famous Korean band.

    I always tie my hair with a band.

    The photo was hanging on a nail by the door.

    She bought a red nail polish.

    As you can see on the sentences the spelling and pronunciation is same but the meaning is different.

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