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Activity Discussion Grammar & Vocabulary Parts of speech Reply To: Parts of speech

  • Ishita

    May 24, 2021 at 1:47 pm
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    Parts of speech:-

    Parts of speech are most important and vital part of english grammar. We can’t learn English without parts of speech, so let’s the learn the definition of parts of speech.


    Parts of speech is a vital part of grammar which helps us to understand and learn the various from of the words in the sentence.

    Type of parts of speech:-

    There are eight types of parts of speech,

    1) Noun

    2) Pronoun

    3) verb

    4) Adjective

    5) Adverb

    6) Preposition

    7) Conjunction

    8) Interjection

    1) Noun:- Noun is a parts of speech which define the name of a person, people, place, emotion etc in a following sentence.


    Kolkata is the city of joy.

    Rama is a hindu God.

    Venice is the beautiful place.

    He travel by bus.

    I am very angry for your action.

    Pronoun:- Pronoun is a parts of speech which is used in a place of noun, it is contain the presence of noun in a sentence.


    She is the most prettiest girl.

    They are so mean to me.

    We are the most powerful group.

    Here you can live.

    Teacher love us all.

    3) Verb:- Verb is a parts of speech which is indicate something happen , bring or any work that is happening in the sentence.


    I sleep daily.

    She write a letter.

    Rita run daily.

    I eat rice.

    She can sing sweet song.

    4) Adjective:- Adjective is a parts of speech which example the form ,type and emotion of noun and pronoun in the sentence.


    She is very sad.

    He semes very happy to see you.

    The tree is so old.

    I have a red dress.

    5) Adverb:- Adverb is a parts of speech which is explain the type of the verb. The word of adverb end with “ly”


    She eat slowly.

    I can run quickly.

    She is dancing happily.

    She is singing sweetly.

    6) preposition:- preposition is a pats of speech which placed before the noun to show any place, time, indication etc.


    In, on, at, to, into, under,from,with, for etc.

    Jony is playing with the bat.

    I like to go to Italy.

    The cat in under the table.

    See you at the mall.

    The book is on the table.

    7) Conjunction:- Conjunction is parts of speech which is used join two or more sentence, words or phrase.


    And, but, or, yet, so, when, then, both etc.

    I have a book and a pen.

    I will go to watch movie or shopping.

    She is pretty but arrogant.

    I was so angry so I went out.

    She can both sing and dance.

    8) Interjection:- Interjection is a parts of speech which is used to describe the emotion of the sentence like – happy, disgust, anger etc. It ends with’! ‘ sing.


    Eww! this place is so dirty.

    Hurray! we did it.

    Bravo! I proud of you.

    Wow! what a beautiful face.

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