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Activity Discussion Essay Write an autobiography of a tree. Reply To: Write an autobiography of a tree.

  • Ishita

    May 24, 2021 at 2:42 pm
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    Autobiography of a tree

    I am a tree. I am the most important part of environment and. I am the true friend of human. I am a mango tree , I live near a pond.Once I was a little seed, I was put in the ground by somebody or a bird. I lay asleep for weeks. The soft soil, kind sun and sweet water brought me up to a sapling. Then rain come and day by day, from little sapling I become a big plant. By the time pass I become more bigger and taler. I brought forth branches and leaves. Then flowers grow on me and it becomes sweet fruit. This was how I born. I spread out to a wide ground. Now I can give shelter to birds and beasts. Brids built their nest on my branches and eat my fruit. Every morning they sing sweet songs. I love them and they love me.When wind speed up people and children come under me to collect fruit. Boys, men, women , girls tired traveller rest at my feet. People come here for picnic. They talk, sing and sleep peacefully. I give them fruits, flowers, forest, furniture, fuel. Above all I give them oxygen to live. But some time they do not return my favor and trat me and my other friends mercilessly, like cut our branches, burn us, throw stones at us. But I deserve to be live peacefully.

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