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  • Tejasri

    May 24, 2021 at 4:30 pm
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    There are many differences between the earlier families and the current families. The current families are a very big contrast to the earlier families.

    This can be explained in some of the following ways.


    In the earlier days, all the family members used to sit at a particular place and used to eat the food. Where as now, the mother is at one place, father is at one place and the children are at one place. In the current situation, the family members are separated and are eating separately due to their busy schedules. But this shouldn’t happen because sharing emotions is very important. Sitting together and eating with all the family members gives the joy and happiness which no other thing can give.

    •Seperated by places:-

    In the current scenario, all the family members are separated by the places depending upon the type of work. The mother and father will be in one place depending upon their office and the business. The children will be studying in some other places something like at hostels. When something happened suddenly, there will be no one to look about the person. This could lead to severe damage of the lives. So, it’s very important to stay connected. Staying connected with family is one of the most important things. Staying connected to the family is the way to find all the ways to be happy, joyous and it is a bliss.

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