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Activity Discussion Essay Father Reply To: Father

  • Tejasri

    May 24, 2021 at 4:52 pm
    Not Helpful

    Father is very important in every child’s life. The mother carries the children in her womb for nine months but the father carries the children for the lifetime. It is not sad that mother is more important than father or father is more important than mother. The father and mother are equally important.

    In my life, both my father and mother are equally important. In the initial conditions, the situations were so tough. Both my mother and father gave their best to raise me. In all the circumstances and all the struggles they never let me to feel down. They always supported me, give me what I wanted and raise me like a princess. In my life, I have felt some of the struggles but not much related to the family because my mother and father raised me in such away. I wish that could have a brother in my life. But, life is not what we wanted. Somethings are left Unfilled in life. When there is nothing to do it is better to stop thinking about things which cannot happen.

    I don’t say that all the mothers and fathers asked him like that of mine. There are fathers and mothers who don’t care of the children and leave them alone. Sometimes, I feel like I am the blessed one and it’s the truth.

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