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  • Anushree

    May 24, 2021 at 5:43 pm
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    The whole world is combatting with the pandemic caused by the virus covid-19 since the end of the year 2019. It has cause major disabilities, lakhs of people have lost their lives and the world has almost came to a standstill. Most of the countries have already faced the two dangerous waves of this deadly virus and scientists are expecting a third wave of this virus, they have also predicted that this wave is going to cause havoc among the children. The lockdown has shut mostly all small businesses and the education system has completely shifted to the online platform which is causing a lot of problems.

    In such a dangerous situation vaccine are our only hope, presently our world has three vaccines which are really doing a great job they are:

    1. Covishield

    2. Covaxin

    3. Sputnik-v

    All of them comes in two dosses the first does introduces your body to the foreign material and teaches it to produce anti body and combat with the virus where as the second does helps in forming rapid antibodies which will prevent you from getting infected from the deadly virus. Though there are some rumors about the vaccine but people should avoid them and understand the importance of getting vaccinated because this is the only way to fight covid-19.

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