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Activity Discussion History Cultivation of cash crops during British rule. Reply To: Cultivation of cash crops during British rule.

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    May 24, 2021 at 5:51 pm
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    British came to India in a camouflaged method to start trade with the flourished Indian markets. But later they began to involve in the political and supreme matters of India. India was then divided into several princely states , this unity less division of Indian people led to the colonization by the Britain. Indian market became crippled due to the new policies by the Britain. These new policies were aimed at looting Indian markets and exploiting farmers only with the goal of economic prosperity . As a part of this strategy, Britain began to make Indian farmers in Bengal plant Indigo crops, which were used for dyeing and other industrial purposes. Even the Navabs were under the control of Britain. Farmers were given loans at high interest, they were forced to plant Indigo bit they gained no profit from it. Indigo crops began to substitute food crops which led to famine and hunger. Government and landlords too stood with the planters and farmers had no other way rather than protesting. Many Bengal families supported the protest and even a book named ‘Neel Darpan ‘by ‘Deenbandu Mitra ‘was even banned in fear of igniting protest among people. This protest later began to known popularly as Indigo Revolt

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