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Activity Discussion History Who was Chanakya? Reply To: Who was Chanakya?

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    May 24, 2021 at 6:30 pm
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    Chanakya otherwise known as Kaudilya was an ancient Indian teacher and advisor who had a great role in the establishment of Maurya dynasty under the leadership of Chandragupta . Chanakya and Chandragupta were close friends. Some historians believe in a rumour which lead to the establishment of Maurya dynasty. Chandragupta was insulted in the court of the King Nandha. He was deeply hurt by the incident and went out of the palace. He told his experience with Chanakya. Both of them decided to take revenge. With the help of Chanakya , Chandragupta defeated Nandha and established Maurya dynasty. It was the mastermind of Chanakya which led to his victory. Chanakya was a great scholar at Takshashila. His famous book ‘arthasastra’ holds many state matters , law , military strategies and nation devolepment . It was written on sanskrit language. Chankya or Kaudilya was also known as Vishnugupta. Some scholars believe that Arthasasthra is written during 3- 2nd BC. But the content of the book led many rulers to take concepts on statecraft and military purposes . The cleverness and robustness of Kaudilya is well exhibited on his book. The book is still considered by many scholars as the foundation of nation building.

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