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Activity Discussion Environment precautions to take while going out in summer Reply To: precautions to take while going out in summer

  • Aashutosh

    May 24, 2021 at 7:55 pm
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    The summer season can be tough on your body. You need to adapt to a lot of heat changes during that time. You must apply sunscreen on your body on a daily basis and stay hydrated to protect yourself from the harmful ultraviolet rays.

    Although it may be cool or warm outside, yet your body needs to adjust to changes in the temperature. Rising temperature can cause many heat problems such as dehydration, skin burns, fever, heatstroke, etc. You must eat and include seasonal foods in your diet. Staying hydrated can maintain a stronger immune system in the summer season. Here are some precautions you must take to protect yourself during the summer season

    Precautions you should take during the summer season:

    1. Always carry sunscreen whenever you go out.

    Make sure you always apply sunscreen before going out in the scorching heat to protect yourself. It also anti-aging thus apply sunscreen and always carry it along with you.

    2. Stay hydrated.

    Staying hydrated by drinking adequate water can help your immune from the summer heat. Eat fruits rich in water content like oranges, watermelons, etc. Go for drinks like fruit juices or smoothies in summer to keep yourself fit and hydrated. It can prevent dehydration and heatstroke.

    3. Avoid alcohol and other toxic liquid.

    Avoid drinking excessive tea or alcohol as they cause dehydration. Instead, have some lemon juice or coconut water to stay fit and hydrated.

    4. Avoid hot showers.

    It is advisable to take a cool shower during summers as it provides relaxation to your mind. Warm showers can lead to drier skin and cause skin problems, especially during the summer season.

    5. Avoid going out unless it is necessary.

    Carrying sunscreen is an option but try to avoid going out when it is too hot outside. It might cause sunburns and heatstroke. Cover yourself properly before going out as much as possible. Avoid long exposure to the UV rays and prefer to stay in shade.

    6. Eat regularly and a balanced diet.

    It is important to eat vegetables and fruits that are rich in water content. Include some citrus fruits and lemon juice in your diet. Avoid heat-producing diets like meat, eggs, etc. Also, make sure you eat properly but eat light during summers.

    7. Switch off the lights of the room.

    Switch off any extra light in your room as it may heat up the temperature. Also, make sure your curtains were drawn if harsh sun rays peep into the room.

    8. Wear comfortable clothes

    Always avoid wearing tight clothes in summer. And do avoid synthetic clothes and trousers as they didn’t allow good air circulation. Wear loose clothes and keep yourself free at home, but cover yourself while stepping out. Wear cotton clothes in summer and always prefer light color clothes as they don’t absorb heat.

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