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Activity Discussion History Who was Tantia Tope? How was she involved in freedom struggle? Reply To: Who was Tantia Tope? How was she involved in freedom struggle?


    May 24, 2021 at 8:05 pm
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    Tantia Tope:

    Ramchandra Panduranga was also known as Tantia Tope or as Tatya Tope. He was born in 1813–19. He was born in Pune. He was a popular leader of 1878.

    He was a natural soldier and his form was better than anyone.

    The Maratha Troops took him in. During the massacre of Nana Sahib in Kanpur; During November 1857, the Gwalior command was taken by him to give a better approach.

    Rani Laxmi Bai took him under her authority after that and provided him shelter. Tantia Tope’s forces and militaries were broken up on June 19, but he never gave up on any harsh incidents or forces. He stayed in the jungle for a long time. But later he was cheated and betrayed in the year later. The brave man was executed at Shivpur.

    Contribution of Tantia Tope towards India’s Independence Struggle

    1. Tatya Tope took up the name ‘Tope’ as it means commanding officer. Tope also means canon.

    2. Tope was an excellent fighter naturally. He wasn’t trained like others. But he was still the best at the art of guerrilla warfare.

    3. He was important during the Kanpur rebellion.

    4. He was known for his guerrilla tactics.

    5. He formed alliances with Raja of Narwar, Man Singh.

    6. Among the leaders of the Revolt of 1857 Tope was one of the bravest and efficient ones.

    Tope has left an excellent example of bravery and courage in the history of rebellions in India.

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