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  • Jyothi krishna

    May 24, 2021 at 8:59 pm
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    Friendship is a beautiful relationship between a group of people from different families. Later these different families become a one family. Nowadays all people are interested to being with their friends. There is no boring with them. Sometimes than a lover a friend can know you. We get friends from schools, bus, neighborhood, play ground, tuition center, office etc. But the best friendship is starts from our school section. At the first day of our school, we see some other puple crying with us. Later those puple comes to mingle with us. From there a friendship begin. There are no barrier between boy and girl in a friendship. Because in that circle all are friends.

    To a good friend we can share anything. If we are in a trouble we don’t rethink to call for a help to a friend. Because we sure that he or she will comes there for us. If it is a good friendship. May be there are friends without true friendship. But they can’t maintain that relation at their last breath. They stop when they goes other schools or college or place. But a good friend may not be call us everyday, but we are in their heart. They connect us if we feel bad. More than that a good friendship is by heart related. We got a new family. We can see friends parents are our own and they too. Moreover they are our supporters to go with our goals and motivator in our heights and downs. There is a talk that a mans life counts not by his age but by his number of good friends he have. Yes a good friendship makes a life beautiful.

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