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  • Jyothi krishna

    May 24, 2021 at 9:18 pm
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    Without problems we can’t enjoy our life. Life is a collection of memorable moments including happy and sad time. All people wishes to have a life without problems and always wants to stay happy. Actually that is the difficult thing. Because there is no one lead a life without problems. Both problems and its solutions are man made. The one and only thing to do in a difficult situation is to face it. No one could hide infront of a problem. There are solutions for any problems but we get those solutions by having a strong mind to crack the problem.

    In day to day life everyone faces many challenges. If we only focusing the problems we get more problems than happiness. We get what we focused on. Sometimes we think that others have a good life they don’t have any problems, lead a happy life etc. But they are may be hiding their problems in front of the others or they have the ability to face it.No one get a strong mind with in a day. It gets from their previous experiences. Most of the successful people in our society faces many troubles and challenges in their life. But through their mental strength they are able to overcome it. If we have a problem what happens when we are always crying and praying to God? Nothing happens. Through crying we lost our time, health, mental health. At that time we try to think how can I overcome it, and give mental support to your family. May be we have a tension in our mind but don’t show it . Just have a mind that this is my life and i am its king no one have the ability to spoil my happiness.

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