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Activity Discussion Essay Father Reply To: Father

  • Jyothi krishna

    May 24, 2021 at 10:06 pm
    Not Helpful

    A men complete only he became a father. Sometimes we are not praise his struggle like a mother. As a mother, father also a warrior. He work for his family. Most of the father’s were rude in behaviour. But it doesn’t shows that they are not a good father. They hides their feelings and emotions with his rude character. Because they know that with this rude character they can control their family. To lead a good family life is not n easy way. In our society most of the father’s are from different types of jobs. They work for their family and give a good life for their children. He wishes that his children lead a good life. If he tired he visualise the face of his children then his get a energy to do his work.

    For every daughter, their father is their first love. She makes fun with her father. May be father shows angry to her. But that is for just a second. Both father and daughter know eachother. In my life i give importance to both father and mother equally. I share my whole things to my parents. Sometimes i can’t share to them and I think to hide with them. But I can’t do that. My father and me are good friends. Sometimes i can see that he was very tensed while i became sick. He dedicated his life to us like our mother did. He always tries to make us happy by knowing our wishes. But still this day i won’t seemed that my father wishes for his intrest. His one and only dream is make our life struggle less. So that he gives us good education. As a daughter, when a boy proposes me i first compare him with my father. Not only me but also every daughter. Because our role model, first love and our only king was our father. No one can replace that position.

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