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Activity Discussion Grammar & Vocabulary Barriers to communication. Reply To: Barriers to communication.

  • Kumari

    May 25, 2021 at 12:49 am
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    Communication is a process through which a message is circulated from 1 person to another through different mediums. But sometimes due to some issues the process of communication does not takes place sucessfully. The issue can be from the sender’s side ,receiver’s side or through medium itself. These issues that causes communication to become unsuccessful is called barriers in communication.

    Different types of barriers of communication are-
    1. Emotional barriers- Sometimes due to an incident or accident it becomes difficult for a person to express his message due to flood of emotions. Here emotions become a barrrier for communication and thus causes unsucessfull communication.
    For eg- When a person is very sad and you try to ask them what happened but there emotions don’t allow them toh speak clearly.
    2. Language barriers- If a person living in south India tries to have a conversation with a person living in North India they won’t be able to understand each others concern and end up have an unsuccessful conversation.
    3. Lack of interest as a barrier- lack of interest from the receiver’s side maybe because of being an unknown topic aur lesser known topic can causes barrier communication eventually leading to unsucessfull communication.
    4. Physical barriers- Physical barriers such as issue in hearing or diziness can also become a barrier of communication.
    5.Talking too much- Talking too much creates a problem that the person does not sticks to the points and starts creating stories which are more boring and due to which receiver gets distracted and does not pays attention to the sender’s talk.
    6. Lack of eye contact- Maintaing eye contact means the sender and receiver are vibing and understanding each other’s position. Lack of eye contact shoes lack of interest in the receiver which eventually becomes a barrier in communication.

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