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  • Soniya

    May 25, 2021 at 2:13 am
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    The story of Abraham : his hard work and hope

    Young Abraham felt miserable. This evening was hard on him, he and his family members were forced out of their house . He now had to look for work and earn money to support family and at the same time manage his studies. He finally found some work to do and got used to the new life. He used to sit below the street lights to complete his assignments. He overcame all hurdles and obstacles on his way. He worked hard all day and night but never lost his hope.

    One fine evening he came home to the terrible news that his mother had succumbed to her illness. His life shattered but he didn’t give up. A few years later his sister also died. Life was testing him badly. He borrowed money from his friend for a business but it failed and became bankrupt. He ran for various elections but was successful only in one. His loved ones died and he had a total nervous breakdown and was completely bedridden for quite a few months. But he never lost hope. His never give up attitude made all the difference.

    Some years later, When he won the presidential election of the United States, he looked back down the memory lane, to all that he lost, to all that left him broken and realized it was these circumstances that made him capable and worthy of being successful. Had he lost his hope or given up on life, he would not be at such a great position today. Always remember to follow your heart, work hard and never lose hope. Life has mysterious ways of surprising you.

    Later Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. His life was full of remorse and failures but he chose to fight and not give up.

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