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Activity Discussion Essay What are the different departments involved in making an advertisement? Reply To: What are the different departments involved in making an advertisement?

  • Sakchi

    May 25, 2021 at 12:39 pm
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    Advertisement is a big platform . It requires number of employees to complete an advertisement. Advertisements field consists of advertiser , advertising agency , supplies , media and the target audience. Advertiser is the person who hires an advertising agency to make any advertisement . Advertising agency is the service business in which group of people work together to make an advertisement . All planning , creating and handling all the process can be done by advertising agency only . It consists of several department like contact department :- the people working in contact department are adviced to make new clients and provide all the basic details of the company.

    Copy department :- this is the largest department . The work of copy department is to make layout of the advertisement .

    Art department :- copy and art department people work with hand in hand as both are related work.

    Media department :- there is the responsibility of media department to select and identify the media for advertisement . It is also the important department.

    Accounting and finance department:- as according to the name this department checks the finance and accounting of the company.

    PR :- public relations department. The main aim of this department is to maintain repo of the company .

    These are the department working within an advertising agency .

    Other people like camera man , raw material suppliers are also required so that our product reach to our target audience .

    Target audience :- the potential customers for whom we are making our ADVERTISEMENTS.

    Thank you!!

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