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Activity Discussion Grammar & Vocabulary Parts of speech Reply To: Parts of speech

  • Sakchi

    May 25, 2021 at 2:50 pm
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    Parts of speech helps in framing any sentance. For framing any sentance we need to have a proper knowledge about every part of speech. Where to use how to use and so on .

    There are basically eight parts of speech which are used as according to sentences. The eight parts of speech are as:-

    1. Noun

    2. Pronoun

    3. Verb

    4. Adverb

    5. Adjective

    6. Preposition

    7. Conjunction and

    8. Interjuction


    Noun is called as naming word . It is either the name of a person , place , animal ,thing .

    There are basically five types of noun :- common noun ,proper noun, abstract noun , collective noun and countable and uncountable nouns.

    Examples of noun :- Ayush , India , elephant , any etc.


    Pronoun is used at the place of noun . We use pronoun because we cannot use noun at every place.

    Examples :- Geeta is a beautiful girl. She lives in delhi .

    She is here a pronoun .

    Other examples of pronoun are he , you , him etc.


    It is the most important elements of parts of speech . Without verb the parts of speech is incomplete.

    It tells about time of action .


    It defines as the modification of verb . It modifies verb.

    Eg :- The girl is most beautiful girl.


    It tell us about position of the object like under , above , up , down etc.


    It connects one principle sentance to another like :-

    He is having either boy or girl .


    It ends with exclamatory marks . It shows feelings.

    Like:- hurray !! We won the match.

    Thank you!!

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