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Activity Discussion General Discussion Is brushing teeth important? Reply To: Is brushing teeth important?

  • Anushree

    May 25, 2021 at 3:17 pm
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    In order to remain healthy, one must always maintain personal hygiene. Keeping oneself neat and clean also adds on keeping one’s confidence up. It is very important to feel fresh in order to do anything and so it is important to ensure that one maintain personal hygiene. Talking about personal hygiene the first thing which comes to our mind is dental hygiene. Teeth plays a major role in the complete digestion process and needs to be maintained with outmost care. In order to maintain proper dental hygiene, one must brush atleast twice a day, use mouthwash after every meal and floss in between teeth; maintaining dental hygiene also includes taking care of the tongue.

    It is often heard that drinking water just in the starting of the day before brushing is beneficial and this fact is absolutely true because at night our whole body gets rest and just after waking up drinking water helps in hydrating our body and thus makes us feel fresh and energetic. It avoids feeling sleepy or drowsy. Also there are some particular bacteria which grows in our mouth as because it was left unused for a long time and drinking water drives them away and they help in clearing our skin and also helps getting rid of pimples on face and also other skin related diseases.

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