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Activity Discussion Environment precautions to take while going out in summer Reply To: precautions to take while going out in summer

  • Anushree

    May 25, 2021 at 3:39 pm
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    Summer is the brightest of all the other seasons we experience, it brings to us a wide variety of fruits and vegetables along with the scorching heat of the sun. Working outdoors becomes really tough in this season. And the scorching light and the heat waves often causes people to fall ill which sometimes even turns critical. Also maintaining energy level in summers is a difficult job and it often turns out that we become tired before completing our chores.

    Some of the effective measures which we can follow to save ourselves in this summer season are:

    1. DRINKING WATER: Water keeps us hydrated and it is very important that we consume a lot of water in order to keep ourself fresh and hydrated throughout the day in summers.

    2. COVER YOUR NOSE AND MOUTH: It is very important to keep a note on covering one’s noes and mouth whenever one goes out of the house inn summer, this prevents breathing in the hot air and thus saves from heat strokes.

    3. EAT FRUIYTS AND WATERY VEGETABLES: Summer not only provides us with the heat it also provides us with the solution, as in summer we witness the availability of a wide range of fruits and vegetables.

    4. WEAR COTTON CLOTHES: Dressing matters a lot in summers one must wear cotton clothes in order to stay comfortable.

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