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Activity Discussion Environment Explain Waste management system. Reply To: Explain Waste management system.


    May 25, 2021 at 6:38 pm
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    It is the process when wastes that are marked to be discarded are treated in a manner to make a recycled product out of it. This indicates more about how waste can serve better and be something like a valuable asset. In the 21st century, the world needs waste management facilities. It is a non-compromisable activity that should be practiced in each and every household.

    Waste management is defined as the necessary activities and steps that are taken to control waste disposal from the original state to its final demolition.”

    There is a total of eight major groups of waste management methods, which are further divided into subcategories.

    Among the many methods, let’s have a quick discussion about the necessary and most useful ones:


    As we all know that soil plays a major factor in the decomposition of original matters. Thus when we dump garbage the chance of decomposition is increased automatically. Through this particular practice, waste disposal is done only on one particular land. Finding Landfills are not so difficult. Almost all developing countries have these in their cities.

    But with time, the method is becoming limited. This is happening due to lack of space and as we know Landfills required space. Also, some chemicals like, methane is used on these landfills to reduce odor. Too much use of those adds contamination problems. While on the one hand Landfills are managing waste disposal, on the other hand, it is harming the environment by giving causes to rising air and water pollution.


    Combustion is also known as incineration is the method where solid wastes from municipalities are burned. Burning is done at a specific high temperature, which converts the waste into ashes and gaseous residues. This method works on a large scale and it can bring down large quantities of wastes, almost by 20 to 30 percent of the original volume.

    Incineration is the solution to the disadvantages that the landfill is offering.

    Recovery and Recycling

    This is one of the most efficient and useful methods that is stressed nowadays. Recovery and recycling is the process in which there is a selection of materials from the discarded list and with the execution of certain processes they are made ready for use again. In particular, these are made into resources that can serve as some type of useable heat, electricity/fuel.

    Recycling mainly is defined as the process of converting damaged/waste garbage products. It is an essential part of the three R’s: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. This reduces so many extra processes that can involve pollution rise. Thus, ultimately saving the environment in all respects.

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