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Activity Discussion Grammar & Vocabulary Give some writing tips for effective writing. Reply To: Give some writing tips for effective writing.

  • Anushree

    May 25, 2021 at 6:48 pm
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    Writing is one of the major skills which is required everywhere, therefore writings are taught in every academic courses. Writing is an important aspect of communication skill and can portray a lot of feeling, necessity and every bit of a person. Writing is broadly classified into formal writing and informal writing. Formal writings are mainly required in professional field and for other official purposes, Formal writings include formal letter, job application, formal email, notice writing, report writing, research writing and many more, whereas informal writings are the one which we generally write to our close friends or family like text messages, informal letter etc.

    Some basic guidelines which one should keep in mind while composing a writeup are:

    1. The content should be meaningful and one should not spin a single information in various expression.

    2. Use of good words and rich vocabulary enhances the quality and gives a good impression to the reader.

    3. One should be very cautious about spelling mistakes and should avoid them as much as possible.

    4. Use of proper punctuation and maintaining paragraph also adds on to the quality of the writing.

    5. Whatever one writes should be lucid and understandable and should make sense.

    Good writing skills are much important to communicate in today’s date and one should practice more and more writing in order to master the task.

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