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Activity Discussion General Discussion Education system Reply To: Education system

  • Anushree

    May 25, 2021 at 7:03 pm
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    Education is one of the basic fundamental right which each and every person should have access to. Education is very important in order to understand this complex world and its complex citizen. People usually take advantage of the uneducated ones and they get to face problem in each and every step of life. India is a developing country which is still striving for a greater literacy rate as it has not gained much literacy over time. Kerala is the only state in India to have an impeccable literacy rate. The importance of education is not only bound within the professional world but has its effect everywhere. Increasing illiteracy is a sign of downgrading of the quality of lifestyle of people in a particular area.

    The prevailing education system in India can be improved by:

    1. The government should not only amend laws but take care that those laws are followed by the people.

    2. More number of schools should be opened as there are a very less number of schools as compared to the population of India.

    3. Primary education should be made a compulsion for all the citizens out there.

    4. The importance of education should be explained to people and it should be taken care off that they understand the necessity through various campaigns and advertisements.

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