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Activity Discussion Environment Is electricity really important Reply To: Is electricity really important

  • Aashutosh

    May 25, 2021 at 7:06 pm
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    Electricity is one of the most important blessings that has been handed over to mankind by science. It has also become an essential part of modern-day-to-day life and one cannot think of a world without it. Electricity has many uses in our daily life. It is used for lighting rooms, working of fans, and is used in various other domestic gadgets. It provides greater comfort to humans. Heavy machines run on this electricity in factories.

    Various transportation and communication have been revolutionized by electricity. Electric trains and battery cars are the best examples of quick traveling. Electricity can even provide a lot of means of entertainment and amusement like radio, television, and cinema. Modern equipment also works on electricity like computers, vacuum cleaners, etc. Robots are a fine creation of science using electricity. Electricity plays a vital role in the medical field also. Various medicines and surgery has been developed — such as X-ray, ECG, all thanks to the electricity. The demand for electricity is increasing every day.

    No, there’s no alternative to electricity but these are the promising energy sources that can create more electricity in the near future

    Ocean power

    The rhythmic and powerful movements of the ocean current can be used as electric generators to produce a steady stream and vast amount of power, thus generating electricity. They promise a supply of clean energy.


    Electricity produced by plants or animals by-products is called biomass energy. Biomass power is produced when the power plants directly burn the feedstock such as garbage, wood chips, agricultural waste, animal manure, etc. to produce electricity. It is easily available and can be used anywhere.

    Fuel cells

    Fuel cells produce energy through chemical reactions. In this reaction, hydrogen combines with oxygen. And there is an abundance of hydrogen and oxygen so under favorable conditions these fuels can be produced in large numbers. It is also one of the greatest assets to electricity.


    Humans have gathered knowledge of the power of super-hot steams underneath the Earth’s surface. That might come in handy in long run to produce valuable energy.


    Hydropower is one of the oldest sources of electricity and is used by various countries. In the near future, its revolution will be remembered as one of the fine creations in human history.

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