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Activity Discussion Essay Is it okay to assign a particular day to celebrate our mother’s and father’s lov Reply To: Is it okay to assign a particular day to celebrate our mother’s and father’s lov

  • Jyothi krishna

    May 25, 2021 at 7:27 pm
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    Not any special days create any extra love to parents. Love and respect are always in our heart. For every son and daughter who loves their parents without any barriers, all days are dedicated to their parents. The relationship between parents and children are beautiful. Both of them loves, respect and dedicated to each other. In a family everyone can do any works. There are no special jobs to mother which only she must do. By sharing all household works in between father, mother and children makes to spend time with family, have strong bond and to ease the works easily. Sometimes father is not have time to join with the household works, because he is tired with his work. But in a week he can join with them.

    Love is not a thing to show to others in one day. But it is a thing that have in the heart and mind in the whole life. There are some people who sent their parents to old-age home. And only visits them in some special days like the birthday of parents or like this mothers or father’s day. And just saying one or two words and took a photo with them for sharing photos in the social medias to get many likes and comments. And some other people who does the jobs of mother for that special day and put it as a story in Facebook or whatsapp. But there is a group of people who were not put any stories or post in social medias, but they have their love and respect to their parents in their daily life.

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