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    May 25, 2021 at 7:30 pm
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    What is geometry?

    Geometry is the branch of mathematics that deals with shapes sizes, solid figures, etc. Scientifically it is the part of mathematics dealing with measurements, construction of lines, points, shapes, angles, etc.

    Not to mention, it is one of the oldest branches of maths. The origin was long ago around the 19th century. Of course, the concerned space and sphere of knowledge were limited to point, lines, planes, and distances.

    However, the branch of geometry gained a different perspective with the discovery of Gauss’s theorem. Since then, the branch has gained a lot of other objectives and visions.

    The use of geometry can be found everywhere in the practical world. It plays a vital role in parts of science, arts and, architecture. Of course, it has increased the scope and area of mathematics as well.

    With the expansion, geometry has divided it into subcategories as well.

    On the basis of methods they are:

    a. differential geometry

    – This part of geometry deals with calculus and linear algebra to solve itself. This has the opportunity to be intrinsic or extrinsic. Mainly it is used in physics and also in mathematics, especially when Albert Einstein’s general relativity is concerned.

    b. algebraic geometry

    – It is one of the oldest forms of geometry that exists. This part of geometry deals with commutative algebra and polynomials. This has shown to be an asset in String theory.

    c. computational geometry

    – This is one of the latest developed geometry parts that deal with the implementation of algorithmic problems. It has played a great role in medical imaging.

    d. discrete geometry

    – This part of geometry is known and used widely as it deals with lines, points, etc.

    On the basis of properties of Euclidian space, it is further divided into

    a. projective geometry

    b. affine geometry

    c. finite geometry

    Euclid is known to be the father of geometry.

    His texts are some of the vital sources from which the concepts of geometry were later developed.

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