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Activity Discussion Essay Essay: How should one determine their career path in life? Reply To: Essay: How should one determine their career path in life?

  • Edutuber

    May 25, 2021 at 8:21 pm
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    Lets start with a famous quote

    ” The destiny of one’s life

    rests in his own acts”

    This quote says that whatever be the fruit of our life it is created by solely ourselves. One have a vast choices of opportunities in front of him/her. We have to decide our own life path. One can become a doctor, an engineer , a cyber security expert, an artist , a footballer and many more. It is one’s mindset which decides how he / she will excel in it. Maybe some physical disabilities will be present … it may hinder your path but believe in yourself. You are created to achieve not to fall back. We need to have an excellent planning of the journey towards our goal. If one’s goal is to become a lawyer, he has to research on the methods to become a lawyer. After the secondary studies, he / she needs to attend CLAT or other exams and have to secure a degree on law from a recognized university . After graduation gaining experience and approaching novel opportunities are the keys to excel. Every field has a route map even if its athletics , hardwork is the key. Only a hardworking and sacrificing mind can achieve heights of glory.

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