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Activity Discussion Essay Essay: How should one determine their career path in life? Reply To: Essay: How should one determine their career path in life?

  • Jyothi krishna

    May 25, 2021 at 8:37 pm
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    To choose a career is not a difficult thing. But by considering others opinion for our career is a difficult thing. Everyone has their own talent. It takes some time to explore it. When a child starts his nursery section some parents wishes that their child will be a doctor, enginner, pilot, scientists etc. They never consider the intrest of the children. If the child have a good talent in arts and he is poor in maths and science subjects but their parents wants him to be a doctor. At first he tries to convey his wish, later by the force of parents he starts to be a doctor without any intrest. That leads him to hate his life.

    Career determination is in our own hands. We know our ups and downs, and our ability in subjects. By our intrest we choose our career. Not by the force of family, career guidance institutions, or by following any friends. Have a aim and target. This is not shares that not hear anyone’s advice. Take advice from the one who knows you ver well, may be it was your parents, siblings, teachers, relatives, or any other person from the field which you are interested. But final decision is yours. Life your so you are your boss. Don’t be a slave of others by swallowing others words. Have ambitious and unchanged mind set to have a good career.

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