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Activity Discussion General Discussion What is Artificial Intelligence? How is it important? Reply To: What is Artificial Intelligence? How is it important?


    May 25, 2021 at 9:03 pm
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    Artificial intelligence (AI)

    AI is forming to be the basis of everything that the new and advanced world is going to offer us. It is the automatic ability of computerized devices to accomplish jobs that are generally associated with rational human minds. The conditions are created and the systems are made in such a manner that they possess abilities intellectually to no lesser extent than the human mind. They have the ability to reason and find meaning. From the very beginning, i.e. from the 1940s, computer systems are sharing a huge responsibility. They are complex systems that are made to perform a task that makes human life much easier. But all of these, as you must know depends on the instruction of another fellow human mind. They cannot function without any order.

    With time, many programs have achieved the performance capabilities that are desired from a human mind. The main aspect of AI is that it is having the capabilities to learn from its decisions in the past. Hence, it can be said that once this particular factor is achieved. There is no stopping AI from taking over necessary jobs in the future.

    Importance of AI in the future:

    1. There can be self-driving vehicles that reduce many mistakes that common human driver usually makes.

    2. The idea of smart roads, which is also currently under discussion, can make transport facilities much easier and simpler.

    3. AI will hand out multiple job opportunities as is predicted by some experts.

    4. Bringing AI to this world can help in medicine. There can be automated operations, precautionary interventions, accurate surgeries, etc.

    5. Using drones in agriculture can help farmers to reduce the number of crop losses every year.

    Overall, AI can help to change the whole world and its working. Technology is advancing every day and there is no doubt that in no time we will achieve this.

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