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Activity Discussion Grammar & Vocabulary Give some writing tips for effective writing. Reply To: Give some writing tips for effective writing.

  • Soniya

    May 26, 2021 at 1:24 am
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    Writing is an art and unfortunately not everyone is an artist. Writing can be easy for some people but for some people it can be really hard. And as we all know practice makes a man perfect so basically the key to writing good content is practice. Firstly to begin with, just take any topic that you like. And start gathering all the thoughts that you can think about the topic at this moment. After you have gathered nearly 5 to 10 points you can now start structuring them. It is always good to begin your writing with the relevant quotes. If you can remember something that is relevant to your current topic then you can take it but make sure that you don’t forget to quote the name of the author who gave that quote. If you dont remember any quote relevant to your topic then you can also create some of your own rhyming lines they would also work perfectly fine.

    Next part you can start asking questions to yourself like if your topic is about tree then first ask yourself what is a tree and your first paragraph is ready. The first paragraph in general is the introduction of the topic.

    Now as you have structured your thoughts so you can begin with the next paragraph and ask yourself questions like what when how what are the remedies for it etc.

    Always end your topic with the conclusion that summarises the main remedies that you found to battle the causes that threaten your topic.

    Always use connector words in middle of the sentences such as however ,further more ,simultaneously, nevertheless etc.

    Never write plagiarized content and always give due references to the sites from where you have taken the facts.

    Check on your spellings and grammatical errors thoroughly before sending your write up review.

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