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Activity Discussion Essay Essay: How should one determine their career path in life? Reply To: Essay: How should one determine their career path in life?

  • Shweta

    May 26, 2021 at 10:48 am
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    Career path is one of the most important part of life which needs to be choose correctly. Having confusion and taking wrong decision regarding your career will make you regret afterwards.

    Many people takes decision of their career in their friendships as well that is, the career which the friend is choosing, the other will also choose that in order to remain together. But this is a wrong thing as because in order to be together, if you choose a wrong path you will do nothing except regret.

    Career decision should be based on your liking and interest. You should be cleared with each and every field and should have all the knowledge. You should go for the subjects which you are interested in and you like it.

    Subjects chosen under pressure will never allow you to gain interest in it. Your aim should be clear. First think of it that what you exactly want to be, then go for a research and find and clear every confusion in your mind. Such things will help you to know the scopes in what you are interested in. If you study according to your interest, you will excel in that.

    So try to clear your confusion of the subjects and ambitions from now on. This will make your goal and objectives very clear.

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