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Activity Discussion Grammar & Vocabulary Give some writing tips for effective writing. Reply To: Give some writing tips for effective writing.

  • Sakchi

    May 26, 2021 at 10:56 am
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    For any writing , the writer should know what is the theme and way of writing . Writing is also a kind of Communication skills. Before writing a person should be a proper listener and reader so that he should be a good writer . Writing is one of the big tasks as it considers lots of things

    Theme of writing

    We must know what we are going to write or we must properly understand the question . For a better experience we must collect data about the topic , think about it then only we start writing . Also try to write in your own words always this will increase your Communication skills.

    Grammatical errors

    Knowledge of grammer and how to frame any sentance should be must other wise your sentance becomes meaningless. You should know where to apply present tense , past tense and so on.

    Increase your vocabulary

    By doing this you will become a good writer as when you develop a habit of maintaining your vocabulary then you are able to learn new words and you become confidant while writing.

    Read good books and novels

    Reading is a very good habit . When you develop a habit to read something everyday . You are aware how to frame a attractive sentences , where to apply punctuation marks and so on .

    Practise tough words

    Yes this seems to be child’s work but you know many marks are deducted in exams due to spelling mistakes . If you have doubt in any spelling than do practise it.

    Practise everyday

    Just try to write one paragraph everyday on any topic . And cross check your content through grammarly site or any other site

    Join online English language sites

    If you wish more than you may get subscription of English channel where you can learn how to write English etc.

    These are the some tips foe effective writing skills.

    Thank you!!

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