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Activity Discussion Grammar & Vocabulary Tense Reply To: Tense

  • Shivani

    May 26, 2021 at 2:44 pm
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    Tense in English synchronic linguistics may be a sort of verb that defines or indicates the particular incidence of the verb i.e. once the verb/incident really happened. Tenses area unit vital for they assist United States of America determine whether or not the incident occurred in past, gift or future.

    Apart from the 3 main styles of tenses- gift, past and future; there area unit completely different subtypes additionally that we’ll perceive additional.

    Present Tense

    Present tense is that sort of verb that speaks of the action that is presently occurring at the instant or is being performed endlessly. Like- She is singing, it’s descending, the theatre is showing a Hindi film etc area unit some samples of sentences exploitation tense. i.e. – singing, descending and showing.

    Past Tense

    Past tense is that sort of verb that speaks concerning the incident that had already occurred within the past. For ex- I Greek deity a burger yesterday, Sally wrote a letter to the Chairman, I had gone to the doctor etc. All the sentences cite the incidents of the past exploitation past tenses of the verbs i.e. ate, wrote and gone. past has nice flexibility with relevance time and might cite one thing that happened simply 5 minutes back or maybe 5 years back.

    Future Tense

    Future Tense speaks concerning the incidents that haven’t happened nevertheless however may happen any time within the future. It may visit any purpose of your time within the future- from following second to following decade. For Ex- i will be able to swim, Jane can meet Sally, Jane are meeting Sally etc.

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