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Activity Discussion Grammar & Vocabulary How to improve pronunciation? Reply To: How to improve pronunciation?

  • Anushree

    May 26, 2021 at 5:32 pm
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    Communication skills stands out to be one of the most required and important soft-skills which a person should build and polish in order to stand in the professional world and even helps in doing wonders in the personal life. Communication helps one to reach new perks and unlock various opportunities. Communication is broadly segregated into three parts:

    1. Speaking

    2. Listening

    3. Writing

    All three of them are equally important, but if we get to dig deep into the division of speaking with no effort we will be introduced to the importance of correct pronunciation and fluency. Pronunciations become a major aspect when it comes to speaking and it depends in a particular accent. A single word has numerous pronunciations in differ varied accent and it is very important that one must keep in mind the accent and use the needful pronunciation, it makes the speech clear and it also makes it easy for the audience to understand. If audience do not tend to make sense from a particular speech, then it turns out to be useless.

    Tips to improve pronunciation:

    1. Read and listen to more and more stuff this will help to grow your vocabulary and make you rich with pronunciations.

    2. Speak in front of the mirror to upgrade oneself.

    3. Try to speak every now and then to build confidence.

    4. Listen to audio books, news and informative audio because our brain responds more to audio and visual other than reading.

    5. Speak fearlessly.

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