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Activity Discussion Grammar & Vocabulary Non verbal communication. Reply To: Non verbal communication.

  • Kumari

    May 26, 2021 at 11:21 pm
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    Communication is a process through which a message is circulated from 1 person to another through different mediums. Communication takes place through 2 way.
    • Verbal communication – This communication takes place when words are used to convey thoughts and message between 2 people
    • Non- verbal communication – This takes place when signs and symbols are used to exchange message between 2 or more people.
    Non-verbal communication includes gestures,postures,personal appearance, body language,eye contact etc.
    Each of these plays a very important part in communicating our message to the person in front of. It expresses our thoughts more than our words. Maybe sometimes this happens that we are speaking something else and our body language is speaking something else in this case body language should be believed as it cannot be fakes.
    1. Personallyappearance:- personal appearance plays a very important role as our personality and dressing speaking about us before we speak. It also represents about the organisation we represent.
    2. Gestures:-Gestures deals with the hand movements that we use to express our message. Eg- we touch our index fingure and thumb to show perfect.
    3. Postures- Postures include body movement to express message. Eg- shurgging our shoulder when we are bored or iritated.
    4. Eye contact- Eye contact plays a very important role in showing our confidence in a conversation. While in a meeting or and interview we maintain eye contact with the interviewer it shows how confident we are about ourselves.
    Some of the non verbal signs used world wide:-
    1. Thumbs up-
    • The signal for approval or agreement is commonly found a European and American cultures.
    • In many Islamic and Asian countries it is considered a major insult.
    2. V for Victory-
    • The V sign with an inward facing palm is also considered and insult in the UK and South Africa.

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