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Activity Discussion Environment Discuss the different types of irrigation methods in INDIA. Reply To: Discuss the different types of irrigation methods in INDIA.

  • Nehal

    May 26, 2021 at 11:35 pm
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    What is Irrigation?

    Irrigation is the artificial process of applying controlled amounts of water to land to assist in the production of crops.* Irrigation helps to grow crops. Crops are consumed by humans for their survival.

    There are different types of irrigation methods:

    Sprinkler irrigation – In this method supply of water is in a way that it sprinkles into the air and falls on the ground like rainwater. Small nozzles are made and water is supplied under pressure with the help of a pump. This type of irrigation is practiced on shallow lands or on even lands. This method of irrigation is not that expensive. This method is used for the plantation of crops like tea, coffee, rubber, etc.

    Drip irrigation – It is a modern technique. It is also known as trickle irrigation. The dripping method was used in early times to grow plants like tulsi. A hanging pitcher was hanged above the plant and a hole was made so that water drips into the plant every minute.

    Surface irrigation – The surface water system has been drilled and followed for a long time now. It can be characterized collectively by strategies where water is conveyed over the outside of the soil gravity. In this sort of water system, either the field is flooded with water (this is known as Basin Irrigation) or the water is taken care of into little channels (this is known as furrow irrigation).

    Basin irrigation – Basin Irrigation technique is essentially utilized for crops that remain in the water for more expanded periods, flatlands where rice is developed, or in porches on slopes. In Basin Irrigation level spaces of land are encircled by low bunds. These bunds block the water and keep it from entering the contiguous fields. Trees can likewise be developed utilizing the bowl water system technique. Basin water system is appropriate for pastures, citrus, banana, and somewhat tobacco. This strategy can’t be utilized for crops that can’t stand waterlogged like potatoes, beetroot, and carrots. The sort of harvest developed decides the dirt reasonable for bowl water system Basin water system can be built on a level surface, the simpler it is to construct bowls, slanting area. Level bowls, called patios, can be built on the means of a flight of stairs.


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