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Activity Discussion History What was Mahalwari system in 1822? Reply To: What was Mahalwari system in 1822?

  • Soniya

    May 27, 2021 at 1:47 am
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    The mahalwari system of 1822 was one of the land revenue systems that was introduced by the British in India. If nothing other than a modified version of the zamindari system and it was introduced basically in the states of the north India such as the Ganga Valley and the Northwest provinces and some parts of Central India and Punjab.

    In this system the settlement was made village by village that is each village will have a different person or Zamindar who was accountable to extract the land revenue from the cultivators. Secondly Zamindar or the landlord were the head of the family and they claimed that the collectively owned the land of the villagers.

    The revenue that was set was very high and the cultivators could not afford it. Also revenue was revised periodically which created more problem for the small cultivators Or farmers. The company was now able to start more money than they previously did from the permanent settlement method and the cultivator was left with nothing. The land quality also degraded due to overuse and British did very less to restore the fertility of the topsoil. On the other hand they began extracting more and more money from the poor peasants that puts them further into the clutches of poverty.

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