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Activity Discussion Environment How to avoid global warming? Reply To: How to avoid global warming?

  • Sakchi

    May 27, 2021 at 9:15 am
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    Global warming is one of the most visible phenomenon now a days. Global warming means increase in temperature of earth atmosphere due to some reasons like, deforestation . Yes, deforestation is the main cause of global warming. What does deforestation means :- cutting down of trees on the large scale though Trees are very useful for us . It provides us oxygen, shade during summer , dry leaves and branches during winters , fruits , barks and also maintains the optimum temperature of the environment .

    Effects of global warming

    1. Due to increase in global warming the temperature of earth is increasing day by day. We can feel it as now we feel summer from March only and it lasts upto sept.

    2. We have to face extreme atmospheric conditions like we have to face extreme hot , cold etc.

    3. Due to global warming glaciers are melting and our earth is facing the changes.

    So we to avoid global warming fir our own benefit

    1. Pollution is one of the reason of global warming so we need to stop it . Use of personal vehicle should be minimised . People should use public transport instead of using private vehicles . Smoking should be bann at public places. CNG should be used as fuel in transport. Firing of plastics should be bann ..

    2. Deforestation should be bann it is a need of hour otherwise we have to face extreme. If anyone found guilty than it should be punished extremely.

    3. Afforestation on the large scale. So that we can balance the deforestation also.

    Thus we need to save and protect our environment otherwise earth will take revenge from us .

    Thank you!!

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