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  • Sakchi

    May 27, 2021 at 9:43 am
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    Cakes are the kind of sweet dishes or you can say that it is a kind of desert . People generally loves to have them after meal as sweet deserts . Cakes has a big importance in our life . We generally cut the cake to celebrate our victory , birthdays , anniversary or any special ocassion. People blow the candles, wish and just celebrate. Cake is my personal favourite cusine also. According to the question we have to discuss about basic process to make a cake. There are various types of cakes like biscuit cake , general flour cake with different flavours like vanilla , chocolate etc. I am going to tell to the recipe of simple cake.

    Requirements:- general flour (maida) – 2cups, butter , grinded sugar , butter paper , refine oil , Baking soda , milk (2cups) dry fruits.

    Firstly you need to grind your sugar according to your taste . Then pick up any big bowl and put maida , crashed sugar, baking soda , butter and add little amount of milk and mix you . Please note donot add the total amount of milk together it will affect on your consistency . The batter should not be thick or nor be thin. It should be midium . Mix all the listed ingredients proper for approx 15 minutes. Now pre geat the oven for 15 min.

    Take our the container in which you are making cake and grease it with refine oil properly . Add butter paper to the bottom , in case if you don’t have butter paper than sprinkle maida at the bottom evenly just tap tap the utensil . Now mix the half dry fruits in the batter and put it in the greased vessel evenly. Tap the vessel to spread it . Sprinkle the dry fruits above the cake layer and put it in the oven and set the timer.

    When the time is over than take it out properly and left it until it cool. Tada!!!! Your cake is ready . Enjoy !!!

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