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Activity Discussion Essay Essay: How should one determine their career path in life? Reply To: Essay: How should one determine their career path in life?

  • Sakchi

    May 27, 2021 at 10:13 am
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    Determining your career path is really a big task . But is all about your interest in the fields. Only you can define what you wants to do in your life . You firstly need to explore yourself for the right career . For this you have to watch your favourites things , what you love to do . If you are interested in dancing or in any advertisement field or may be doctor or engineering . All things are totally dependent on you . Remember every stream is good enough but you need to explore the field only for your better options. Generally what is happening students are imposed to do anything or may be convinced to do something said by other people but what exactly you wants that you need to highlight your own interest in any field . There only you can get success.

    Point out your interest

    Try to highlight your interest of works . Works you actually loves to do . It can be anything but must be right one. Like you can highlight your hobbies or favourite subjects etc.

    Explore your interest

    Now it is the time to explore your instrested field . You can consultant to your teachers ask them about the field . Take the help of Google and gain knowledge about it.

    Give your best

    Once you get every information regarding your field than give your 100% to it . Enjoy your work and become successful.

    Every stream every job is good . You have to work on yourself to make it better. Every time is correct to do any work just beleive in yourself . You can do it !!!

    Thank you!!

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