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Activity Discussion Environment Discuss five natural calamities that have the chance of occurring ? Reply To: Discuss five natural calamities that have the chance of occurring ?

  • Aruja

    May 27, 2021 at 11:39 am
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    Earthquack – Earthquake is caused due to pressure within the earth. It can simply be defined as a sudden shaking of the earth crust which lasts for a very short time. It sometimes causes severe devastation it is nearly impossible to predict the occurrence of an earthquake. As it usually occur suddenly. Violent earthquake are very dangerous and destructive. Serious damages to life and property are caused by them them. Himalaya young fold mountains in the north East part of India, their formation is not yet complete. Hence, the region of Himalaya is very active. The area which comes on the maximum risk is Kutch region of Gujarat and the Ganga Brahmaputra basin.

    Cycolone – Circulatory events in the lower part of the atmosphere are generally termed as cyclone. They originate over the warm ocean water of tropical and temperate regions. A cyclone occur when a low pressure air surrounded by high pressure air. Thus, the wind blows at a very high speed towards the centre. These ones are destructive in nature which can grow at a velocity of 300 km per hour these winds are accompanied by heavy rain the movement and development of cyclones in India are observed and studied by the Indian Meteorological Department it is a government agency which also involves sending alert messages to airport, sea ports and fisherman.

    Floods – A flood occurs when a large amount of water covers an area. It is generally occurs due to heavy rainfall also occur when a river overflows its water due to heavy rain. Flood is dangerous and that caused damage to life and property. Flood water submerge everything when it enters in area. People are helpless, they move to other areas with Limited good only, which they are able to carry when water recides people return to their homes and after find great damage to their crop and belongings. In India the flood forecast is done by the government body cause Central Water Commission. Floods are divastating in our country. They ruien crops, destroy livestock, damaged property and make people homeless.

    Drought – Drought can be defined as extreme shortage of rainfall or water and particular area. It directly affects the crop and results in short shortage of food for human and foodder for animals. In India more than 70% of the total cultivated land is drought prone. Drought is a common phenomena in India but due to better planning and drought management programs their capacity to kill large number of animal and people has been reduced.

    Tsunami – When a large mass of water is displayed a Tsunami develop. It occurs due to volcanic eruption or an undersea earthquake. Tsunami Travels at a high speed of around 500 to 1000 km per hour it speed decreases and its height increases when it enters the shallow coastal area. When a Tsunami waves reaches the coast it appears as a Wall of water. The fast moving wave, it can destroy houses and varied structure in the coastal areas with its enormous energy. Great loss of life and property is caused due to tsunami. Tsunami do not frequent but they can occur at any point of time in the year. Tsunami can cause a large amount of destruction.

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