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  • Shweta

    May 27, 2021 at 11:49 am
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    The usage of mobile phones and television is being important in our lives for mostly of our entertainment purpose. These digital screens has no doubt entertained even entertaining us till now. But as we know that, the usage of anything to the excess level gives you the bad outcome. Similarly, the usage of mobile phones and watching of television should also be done in a limitations.

    Firstly, talking about the mobile phones. The mobile phone, no doubt helps us not only with the entertainment purpose, but also in every field of information and knowledge. The internet connection, maps, social media and every other facilities are important for us but the thing which remains constant here is continuously watching over the screen. Which has many disadvantages for us and our health as well. The addiction of using the phones are on one side but it affects our eyesight as well. Conceiving the digital screen too much weakens your eyesight due to which students are not able to see the far sights comfortably. They even face problems to see the blackboard in their schools.

    So one should have a limited time to use a mobile phones. The most common precautions you can have is to lesser your phone brightness and put your phone in a dark mode. It effects less in your eyes.

    Secondly, talking about the television. Television should entertainment us for a limited period. It is because looking constantly weakens your eyesight and it causes many problems. The precautions can be taken are look television by sitting far away from it. On your television for a limited amount of time. These things will help you out to make your eyesight being proper.

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