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Activity Discussion Essay Write an autobiography of a Bird Reply To: Write an autobiography of a Bird

  • Ishita

    May 27, 2021 at 12:29 pm
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    Autobiography of a Bird

    I am a bird I love to fly around the sky. I am a sparrow. I live in a mango tree with my parents and my siblings. I have 5 siblings they, we all play together and fly together in the blue sky. But sometimes air become very polluted so we have to went back to home. I love flying but I’m not like this for the first time. When I was a little I am very fearful of flying. But my taught me everything, like how to fly, how to eat, and how to protect myself. I love to watch the sunrise and sing and enjoy my life. I vist many gardens and fields where I found numerous beautiful flowers and fruits. I am free to eat everything. I love to eat fruits. When I am in eggshell my mother always protect me, I don’t remember that much about but I remember she always seat on me to make me warm. I really fear crow and eagle they are very dangerous. They always tried to hurt us but we can protect ourselves from them. When I got tired I came back to my nest . Me and my siblings are always play with each other we share food with each other. When we all were little, our mother fed us, but now we all are big to eat by ourselves. I also love my home very much, tree is my home. It always protect us and give us food. The saddest day of life will be when I have leave my home and found new one. I will miss everyone but for now I want to enjoy every time of my life.

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