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Activity Discussion Environment Food chain and food web Reply To: Food chain and food web

  • Edutuber

    May 27, 2021 at 8:59 pm
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    The equilibrium of the ecosystem is maintained by different carnivorous and herbivorous organisms. The consumption of one class of organisms by other organisms causes the maintenance of ecosystem . The surplus production of progeny of an organism would affect the existence of itself and other organisms. If we consider a wildlife ecosystem , one organism consumes another organism for survival . For example, deer fed on grass, now the grass is consumed by the deer. Later this deer is consumed by some carnivorous organisms like tiger or lion. This single chain is known as food chain. But if we consider the vast web , for example grass is fed by both rabbits and deer. These organisms may be consumed by other organisms like tiger , panther e.t.c . If we consider this multiple chains inside a web, that can be termed as food web.

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