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Activity Discussion General Discussion How advertisement influence? Reply To: How advertisement influence?

  • Kumari

    May 27, 2021 at 9:52 pm
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    There is a great influence of advertisements on our life and our mind. We start comparing our lives with the plot of the advertisements . Like for eg- In a gold jewellery advertisment it is shown that if a husband loves his wife he will gift her gold and diamond jewellery but in real life love can not be compared with the level of jewellery gifted. Advertisments have the power to change people’s thinking. If they start advertising related to anti dowry, equality in girl and boy child, women education and employment people will start accepting these facts. But there are some topics which come up as an agenda like the recent tanishq ad showing inter religion story. The is a term called capitalism realism in advertising which means people start assuming there life a perfect life only when they have perfect family, car ,jewellery as shown in the advertisements and when these are not fullfilled they start thinking that they do not have a perfect life.
    There are certain advantages and disadvantages of the advertisements.
    The positive sides are:-
    • People get option to buy from in the market.
    • Helps to circulate message to a large group of people at the same point of time.
    • Tell about the use of a certain product and about its constituents.
    • Helps in creating and increasing employment for the people.
    • As there are a lot of brands for a particular product there is healthy competition for which brand gives the best product in lowest cost possible.
    Negative impacts can be:-
    • Building of false hopes from the advertisements.
    • People start comparing their life with the advertisements.
    • If the cost of the product is very low the amount which will be given to the people who are working class and most amount of money will be given to the capitalist class.

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