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Activity Discussion General Discussion What are the different ways to deal with pandemic anxiety? Reply To: What are the different ways to deal with pandemic anxiety?

  • Kumari

    May 27, 2021 at 11:11 pm
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    In this hard time which we are going through it is very important for us to stay fit mentally and physically. Physical health is generally taken very seriously but one the other hand mental health is something which is not even talked about. People are suffering from pandemic anxiety with is leading them to lack of confidence and depression. Mental health is also equally important infact it can be said that it is more important as a person suffering from physical pain but having stress free mental state can be cured within few days whereas person suffering from no physical health issue but struggling with mental health issues takes lot of years and specialised treatment for recovery . Healthy mental state can be maintained by practicing the stress management techniques. Some of them are-
    1. Exercising and yogas:- These play a very important role in controlling our stress. Long breathing helps to relax our body ,normalise our pulse rate and oxygen rate.
    Excercises like stretching and taking massages also helps body and mind to relax.
    2. Taking breaks:- Taking break from the normal work schedule and doing thing which makes us happy helps in relieving stress . It can be cooking, dancing, singing. Anything which makes us happy.
    Spending time doing our hobbies will help our mind to stop thinking in a particular direction which is causing stress or affecting mental peace.
    3. Eating healthy:- Consuming balanced diet helps our body to stay healthy and healthy body leads to healthy mind.
    4. Working on the problem:- Working on the problem and discussing with the specialised people helps in solving it which leads to better mental state and healthy mind.
    5. Talk with people around:- Talking plays a very important role in releasing stress. Knowing about people around and most importantly surrounding people with same ambition and mind set gives a lot of support and motivation for a person.

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