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  • Soniya

    May 28, 2021 at 1:48 am
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    The volcanic activity have a very huge impact on the surface of the earth crust. It is because of the fact that solid liquid and gaseous substances find their way to the surface from some deep Reservoir beneath the surface of the earth.

    Molten magma is a type of Rock which can move and it forces its way into the Planes of weakness of The crust that is where the earth crust is a little bit weak the magma pushes its way upwards through it. Magma when it was its way upward to the surface it will be cool down on its way up to the surface and may solidify within the crust as plutonic rocks resulting in intrusive landforms or it may also form extrusive landforms when it thrust its way upwards and cools on the surface.

    The ancient people in greeks believe that volcanic eruptions occurred when the god of underworld Lord vulcan stoked his furnace beneath the vulcano which is an island in Sicily.

    But geologist have made it sure that it is activity is is very closely related to the Crystal disturbances particularly in those places which are classified as the zones of weakness due to Deep faulting or mountain folding.

    The temperature below the surface of the earth increases with increasing depth. The interior of the earth is in a semi molten state comprising of solid liquid and gaseous materials collectively known as the magma. This magma is heavily loaded with gases such as hydrogen Sulphur dioxide and carbon dioxide it also contains small amounts of Nitrogen chlorine and other volatile substances which cause the temperature of the magma to increase further. The gases present in the magma enhance its movement capacity and also increase the the rate of explosiveness of the Lava which will be emitted through the the surface of the crust.

    The circum Pacific region of the earth is prone to earthquake and also have the largest number of active volcanoes this is basically due to the fact that this region is highly faulted.

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