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Activity Discussion Essay Write an autobiography of a Bird Reply To: Write an autobiography of a Bird

  • Sakchi

    May 28, 2021 at 9:05 am
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    Bird a colourful creature of God . I am a bird . Very small , beautiful creatures of God . Do you know what differentiate me from others it is my ability to fly high and high. I tweet , I fly , I make you feel happy. Actually I am a parrot . You. Can recognise me by my red beak. My whole feathers are green in colour . I have one pair of legs and one tail also . I loves to eat maize, guava and seeds . I live on the palm trees with my mumma. I love my life but you know I am in lots of pain. When I go outside to fly I see my one of the friends in a case. Though, they treet my friend very nicely but we are birds and we wants to fly . I feel very bad for him . But what could I do , I just become hopeless .

    Though this autobiography I want to say that birds don’t make birds your pet . We need freedom . We wants to fly only. You know after seeing any human a kind of fear arises in my mind that they will hurt me or put me in the case. Sometimes it get successful in escaping. But sometimes, we caught .yes in the case we get everything on time, infact we get more delicious food without searching for it but what about our freedom . We supposed to live in one case for whole day and night that is very difficult . Try to understand our feelings . We are also a creature . Protect us !!. Sometimes children also destroy our home and we become homeless.

    Thus I request you to please protect bird ! Don’t hurt them.

    Thank you!!

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