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Activity Discussion Essay Essay on health and fitness Reply To: Essay on health and fitness

  • Shweta

    May 28, 2021 at 10:56 am
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    The interrelation between health and fitness is very much close to each other. If we live a healthy life, that is, follow up the healthy routine, the fitness comes automatically in our body. And also if we maintain our fitness at first, to the first priority needs to be given to healthy life, to get the outcome. Whether you are bothered about fitness or not, living a healthy life should be prioritized by every individual.

    In today’s time, the reasons of inbuilt of new diseases, problems in our body mostly arises due to the comfort given to our body. Our science has developed so much that for any small task, machine is available and humans are used to it. Due to which no physical work takes place by our body. And secondly, the mixed up ingredients in the food stuffs which is not healthy but people mostly prefer that, these are the reasons why we are not healthy.

    So, in order to maintain your fitness and live a healthy life, you should wake up early in the morning, sleep early at night. Get fresh morning air. Eat healthy such as green leafy vegetables, fruits, soups etc., Instead of junk foods. Exercise daily and burn out the calories, walk in a fresh air, try to do small works on your own without the help of machines like walk till the shop instead of using vehicle,if you want something,. Use staircase instead of lift, all such activities will make you active and fresh throughout a day.

    Intake more proteins, vitamins, good fats in your food. Eat light. Drink plenty of water. These habits will change your lifestyle and not only you will be healthy and fit but also you will obtain a positive attitude and vibes and you will glow.

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