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Activity Discussion Essay What are easiest steps to win in an essay competition? What are the do’s and don Reply To: What are easiest steps to win in an essay competition? What are the do’s and don

  • Shweta

    May 28, 2021 at 11:09 am
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    Essays are the groups or words and paragraphs written at one topic. Essays also have a competitions and many participants takes part to win. Before taking part, some of the points and concepts should be made cleared.

    Firstly, it should be kept in mind that essays always have some options and you have to choose one, so first comes, the selection of essay in the right manner. Give yourself some time and think about the topics that in which topic your mind contains more ideas and go for it. Make small points in your mind so that while writing you can easily elaborate it. The selection once done correctly, will not make you regret while writing that you chose a wrong one.

    Secondly, the format should be followed. First the introduction then the body and last the conclusion. You can gain more marks. Underline the keywords with pencil and make sure that you write your essay under the words given. Expanding the essay with more words can disqualify you.

    Think something different while writing. If you write it in a different manner, it will attract the reader. Don’t make it a philosophy, add stories to make it more interesting.

    Try to choose the topic a bit different. Like the topic which you think is most common and everyone can write on it, if you can try to avoid it and choose the topic which is rarely written, this will make the reader to read in more interesting manner because repetition of the thoughts of the essay makes the reader irritated and less interested.

    By keeping in mind such things, you can win the essay competition.

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